Friday, August 18, 2006

US Government eavesdropping unconstitutional

Reuters reports that a US federal court judge today ruled the government's wiretapping program unconstitutional and ordered it to be halted immediately. The American Civil Liberties Union bought the case against the government on behalf of prominent journalists, scholars, attorneys and national non-profit organizations. Here's the full judgement.

President George W Bush approved the National Security Agency's top-secret Terrorist Surveillance Programme in 2001. Following leaks, The New York Times made the program public in 2005, causing an instant outcry. The BBC has an excellent FAQ explaining the finer details.

Whilst civil liberties groups are claiming a great victory for freedom of speech, the US Government has appealed against the ruling.


At 6:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Under our Government here in America the Executive is going to do what ever it wants to do anyway ! For instance -
The uncensored version of All the Presidents Men ( Early Warner Editions ) reported that America had incorporated a Black Operational government created from Electronic and Psychological warfare experiments. Utilizing mind games against our citizens to dictate the control of wealth and property is communism.
When I was growing up the American government taught that this kind of government was communism and needed to be resisted through war ! It should be also noted that The Executive inserted this kind of government with out congressional approval.
It was also reported in the same book that a secret society had imposed The Executive to insert a System to Delete the Need For War. The Executive took it upon their self to insert this action into our government with out Congressional approval.
The information was provided from Mark Felt who was known as Deep Throat and he leaked the information because his career was being terminated by the dominating forces behind Watergate.
Everything I was taught to be communism while growing up in America is exactly what are system has become today. For example - Socialist Taxation , Enormous Prison Populations , Largest Mental Disorder Population In The World , Merger between Corporate America and The Government , No matter what Corporate America or the Government does to someone they have no human rights ! Consider the Black Project programs as outlined by Consumertronics in their publications on Microwave and Ultrasonic Attacks. In our country they can do anything they want to you , including programs of felony extortion , felony stalking , felony harassing , exposure to chemical agents , felony electronic evasion and attacks with out any oversight or concern of legal prosecution. Many vectors set up signature channels to notify any investigating authority to their action in the area and often brag about their attacks on our citizens.
What we live under in America is a self proclaiming Democracy that has initiated multiple programs of communism into our system to dictate our social order. You don't have to commit a crime or be a terrorist to come under attack. Arguing human rights in America is only subject to The Executives Homosexual and Pedophile Objectives. Didn't the Executive appoint the APA to set the moral standards of conduct in America. I mean do you really want a government who runs child sex rings leading our nation and telling you that you can live here because of something that never happened.
We have no human rights in America and it appears to me that it's public information that we live under a communist form of government.

At 7:21 am, Anonymous Richard said...

This sentence should of read
* Corrected
I mean do you really want a government who runs child sex rings leading our nation and telling you that you * can't live here because of something that never happened.
Note - ( Can should of read Can't )


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